Archive: Series List

Anchor Variations

The anchor is the quintessential element of WCS. This series will explore the variations you can use to stylize and shape your anchor.

Beginner Track

Whether you are new to WCS or an experienced dancer working on cleaning up your dance, this series covers the drills you need to reinforce the foundations of the dance.

Coloring the Dance

Your basics don’t have to be a neutral, boring grey! This series will explore simple ways to add color to any pattern in the dance.

Connection Theory

WCS lives in connection. This series will give you the tools to truly become a partner in the dance.

Dancing to Layers of Music

Deliberate Practice

Research has uncovered the secrets of effective practice. This series walks through the key elements of efficient, transformative practice sessions.

Models for Practice

Using case studies of other practice-intensive fields, this series explores different kinds of practice and shows how those models can be applied to WCS.

Music and Counting

West coast swing is one of the most musical dances around. This series will help you count the different styles of music so you can make your dancing match the song.

Musical Genres

West coast swing has the widest variety of music of almost any social dance. This series will help you dance each genre with a unique look.

Musicality 101

Dancing is about connecting your body to music, and WCS is one of the most musical dances in the world. This series uncovers the secrets of musicality.